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Why the VantagePoint Software?

Since my name is front and center in everything I do and I've built a reputation in this business, I only want to partner with people who are willing to do the same. The Mendelsohn family is the heart and soul of the VantagePoint software, and we've had a very long and positive relationship. I've known Louis Mendelsohn (Lou) for close to 40 years. Not only have we been friends, I've truly respected his work as a pioneer in the trading software industry. His son Lane and I have also developed a close personal and working relationship and I like the integrity and passion with which they drive and grow the company.

VantagePoint Software Overview and Specifically my Exclusive Indicators

I'm agnostic about what market I trade, I am just looking for opportunity. The VantagePoint Software helps you find these trading opportunities in Stocks, Futures, Forex, and ETFs from across the globe.

My indicators truly complement VantagePoint's predictive tools by providing insight into what the big money players are doing so you can compete in their game.

The Williams Electronic Market Accumulation Index measures professional accumulation and distribution and is specifically designed for today's 24-hour electronic markets.

The Williams Professional Sentiment Index measures the sentiment of professional traders as a group.

Why the VantagePoint Software works with the Larry Williams Indicators

There is another important reason why I chose to put my indicators in the VantagePoint software. Their team really understands my indicators. I spent a lot of time with both their research and development and customer support teams, and I've seen firsthand how they are actively showing traders how to use them in ways that work for their specific trading needs.

So while you may not have the bank roll of a large hedge fund, with the Williams Professional Sentiment Index and Williams Electronic Market Accumulation Index in VantagePoint software, you can learn when I think the big traders are buying or selling, often tipping off the start of extended trends.
Pairing the Larry Williams early alert indicators with the predictive indicators that VantagePoint provides based on its pattern recognition and intermarket analysis, is an ideal combination.

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